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FIFA18, recent rumors: Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover?

Electronic Arts is ready to respond to Konami. If stains PES2017 Lionel Messi on the cover of the game, now I have to respond in kind: the latest rumors in fact Cristiano Ronaldo, Pace code for several years, a new man as a cover FIFA18, then goes to Marco Rios. However, the vote has not been confirmed yet.

By the time the player most qualified to be on the cover of the game I'll Daily for me, the stars Tottenham followed by major European clubs, particularly Real Madrid who are ready to launch an attack in the summer transfer market looks. The festival was dedicated this year - which is already 17 goals in 39 games - to him as one of the best talent in the world and seems to have persuaded IU to focus on.

FIFA 18, the latest rumors and news

For those who can not wait to experience FIFA 18 there are some new features: the game will be tried on two occasions to preview specific. The first is a period of action in Guildford (England) will be held from 10 to 14 April and which can also participate in some lucky number. Some participants are not games of their choice, including the FIFA 18 experience.

The second is the annual event of the Games, to be held in Poland this year. The deadline will be from August 22-26 with tickets for sale in recent days. If we have to wait for the experimental production, while the date of the official release seems as safe as on 23 September.

As for other news, there are rumors that FIFA 18 will be added to the Chinese league. Many stars now in China now - Temple and Oscar Tevez - Electronic Arts can not remain indifferent here, so most of the Premier League will be used by the players. It should also introduce a new system for controlling it will be reassembled and put the story "Journey".