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Fans started a petition to try to get EA to incorporate a new way in FIFA 18

Football fans started a petition to get listed online job status in FIFA 18.

And it already supports hundreds of the campaign, which calls for the publisher EA 'negligence' and one to stop the most popular media in this series.

Employment status was once vital for football, but EA has recently turned to focus on the team at the end of the day football and sport E-.

In FIFA 17, played offline mode and split into two areas - professional career manager player.

The former sees control of your favorite club and scout for players, managing budgets and key decisions, while the player sees hang career as a footballer and one.

However, the fans want football 18 include the electronic version of the situation - claims it has suffered since the arrival of the flight.

Player, who claims to be in close contact with the EA on this issue, using sub-simpy football drumming support for the petition.

He says, "He asked for was a long and perhaps request one of the most features to add to the electronic version of the career mode, similar to how the special privilege Maden connected.

"A game mode where you can challenge your friends to fight for the Premier League title, while bidding wars with other players. Online will add a new dimension to the career mode and IMO would increase its lifespan.

"The guys working on the database and keep it updated in the same way, and created a petition to hear our voice.

"I understand that the vast majority of applications are useless and usually do not they defend some influence on this result to have, but because we work with EA, we can guarantee that if we are to achieve the goal of 10,000 signatures that developers will be aware to be.

"Whether they decide to take on board the idea and development is another question, but at least they'll be aware of how many people want to happen to."

Petition has already gathered wide support, with many trying to "upvote" forum on the fan to increase exposure.

He wrote a fan: "You need to be paid to each EA to improve the game with all difficult for people to make money in the development of aspects of the game."

Another said: "Man, I hate the man who thinks the team at the end I think the situation career reached its peak on 08 / 10/09 ... I feel almost as though they have since fallen.".

EA has proven in the past that he is listening to the community - and gave some patches to improve the game FIFA 17 last.

Publisher confirmed earlier this year that the trip: Season 2 will feature in FIFA 18 - the continuation of the story of the coming football player, Alex Hunter.

Due to the size of the EA puts focus, workplace risks again playing a supporting role.