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FIFA 18: The latest rumors and news about the development and release date

Emphasis will be placed on a "journey" mode. One of the main changes on the ground on the Nintendo switch and the impact of weather conditions on the game.

March approach FIFA 18 starts, a game developed by Electronic Arts, which should see the light in September 2017. As every year, the official presentation of the game will be held on the occasion of the new edition of EA Play, an event that will be held by the new edition of the E3 show in Los Angeles and will be held this year on June 10 to 12. the game, of course, will be available for next generation consoles PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here we find the first news: Head of EA Sports, Peter Moore, announced that FIFA 18 will arrive in Nintendo switch, and a new production unit in March. In a new TV spot switch Nintendo is seen on the Japanese market specifically FIFA 18. This version of the game, instead of probably the last for the PS3 and XBOX360 platforms are.

Frostibite revolutionary graphics introduced in FIFA 17 engine, of course, will remain in place. Thanks to this that the EA will try every year to make images more realistic than the game. In this regard, the new scan of the players: the faces of the players use this technique in the game would indeed be very similar to the reality. EA Sports also announced the use of motion capture, and the technology that the animation of real people, and turn to the movements of the players in the game.

Always from the perspective of the drawing, it is likely to be the weather and its impact on the main novelty of FIFA 18. The weather will directly affect the performance of the players in the field: a rainy and windy day so leads to a slow players, goalkeepers and clumsy many errors. Therefore not only a simple graphical effect, but it will greatly affect the game.

Will be sure, there is still a "journey," the story introduced in football pattern 17. I had just the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson to confirm that: FIFA will be built on the foundations we have created with the story mode of this year 18, and thus the return of players with the second season of the "journey", with new characters and new stories.

This situation was a huge success for EA Sports, we will have clashed more than 10 million players. I do not know when the details of the second season, such as the hero of the story is still Alex Hunter or if there is an opportunity for our "virtual player" adapt will be, we do not know whether it will all be to the Premier League limited as in FIFA 17.