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"FIFA 18" EA confirmed and the game only for Nintendo switch

The arrival of football to change the Nintendo inevitable, and it was really only a matter of time, not if. Now, courtesy of EA we know that FIFA 18 is available for Nintendo's next console. Just as in previous FIFA titles, who arrived on plates previous Nintendo keys, switch PS4 version differ, and computers and their counterparts in the Xbox one.

Gamereactor news covered during the FIFA gala in Paris over the weekend. Peter Moore, President of EA competitive occur Gamereactor not only emphasizes toggle the news but also to put a timetable to start of Football 18's.

"Well, we custom-made because we have a copy of FIFA exchange for Nintendo," said Moore. "It's football 18, and it becomes clear later this year, when 18 football comes out."

Proceeding from the last release patterns may be football in the mid 18 September, probably in September 12 or 19, because it is Tuesday.

At the same time, Moore also stressed that the switch version of FIFA 18 is developed by EA Canada, the same team that worked on Xbox One devices, computers and PS4 versions, so that we can keep our fingers crossed and hope that the version of the switch is not a radical change versions on a regular basis.

Moore was happy to switch over at the end of the fans by dropping the bomb switch when it is confirmed at the moment football is a game of 18 EA only development in the field of the new Nintendo. This is certainly a parade of hundred people who were arriving in Mass Effect: Andromeda party.