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FIFA 17 FUT Championship

ESPN transmits the FIFA 17 Ultimate Championship Alternation aggregation in the endure bout captivated on May 20 in Berlin. Paris bounded final is the aboriginal accident of the championship alternation played FUT, airing on ESPN at 18:00 ET on Sunday.

It consists of a clash consists of 64 contestants 0.32 arena Xbox one and the 32 play with PlayStation 4. The tournament, 16 players and 12 players from Europe to America, and four "other world" to the console. It competes allotment of $ 400,000 prize, with $ 160,000 traveling to the 1st place.

And it's calm football and one of the better online communities in the development of the aggregation in the end it is a beat 33,000+ reside streams traveling at any time.

How the clash works and what to watch

Leading up to the clash was two seasons to actuate the a lot of important teams and players. Season November 1, 2016 and was january aeon February 2017.

Since the barrage of FIFA 17 in September, it has competed six actor players FUT Champions League and competed in added than 2,000 players in condoning tournaments.

There are six bounded qualifiers: Paris, Sydney and Miami, Vancouver, Singapore and Madrid. And all of them accept ESPN in some capacity. All amateur advertisement reside on twitch, FUT EA Sports Champions page or YouTube.

Each has accustomed a bounded final in the aforementioned way: the accumulation stage, knockout and the final image.

Group stage, and the allocation of 16 players able from anniversary assemblage of up to four groups. The top two from anniversary accumulation go to the playoffs.

Knockout date is a bifold abolishment architecture to normal. The winners get the top four in anniversary analysis (PS4 / XBOX) in Europe, and the top three in anniversary analysis of the Americas aboriginal and finishing of anniversary analysis of the territory, "the world" and the final in Berlin.

Winner Arc champ plays the champ of the losers bracket final bold consoles. Bounded Grand Final is again Xbox One best adjoin best PS4 on accumulated afterwards two matches, the additional leg is played by one unit, and the added on the other.