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FIFA 17 PC Update 4 released more information about the latency

You now have a little better than the quality of the connection before the idea of ??a football team finally 17 games, courtesy of the 4 update, which was released today on PC. It still does not show any specific numbers latency, but now five system bar (so you can be sure that no fewer than four bars, and there will be a litter bit).

735mb patch also eliminates the ability of a team dedicated to the positioning in the end the player during the game and to fix a bug where "clutch player with a player less as the largest sized resulted in the classification of the team tend to go up." General play, it will adjust the position of the defense of the low-pressure tactics (but no indication of what that change is, in fact), and deals with phenomena of "phantom pass", which would lead to a pass is made without the touch of a button.

Full soccer Here are 17 observations Updated 4 correction. The following deals with the football team at the end of the day: displays the number of just the player selection screen. Players will not be able to determine the positions of the player's own management team during the game. Credit question in the band building challenges with Toggle player played less resulted in the largest classification of the team usually climb. Remove the plant. History, Crest and the band's name on the screen matchup FUT Champions. Changed the drawing latency bar to provide more information on the quality of the connection.

It deals with the employment situation: the problem with the current weekly wages do not reflect the correct tab in the budget the real weekly wages.

Visual changes in the View /: to improve the selection of the camera to re-focus slow. Eating Eatv cache. Sound Balance treated French commentators. Playing the default language commentator journey now set the language settings of the game.

The following deals with the play: Modified to defend the position of the low-pressure tactics. To solve the problem, in which the legs pass without the touch of a button.