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This simple trick will change the experience of FIFA 17

Admit it, you're one of the millions of owners of the console that plays games on television.

Well, it's time to upgrade.

It may be on your computer dramatically improves the whole experience - and make a nuisance factors such as delaying the use of a lot more likely.

In fact, the switch can improve all aspects of performance and will help give you an edge over all online Football 17 games Call of Duty and outside.

Here's why you should make the swap.

No more eye strain

Hard to see the small text? This is due to the fact that the optimal distance from the TV sits only a few - few inches or meters.

Observers have been designed to be seen up close - up of pixels is usually better than a TV of the same size.

Everything seems much more crisp and clear - next to the existence does not have to scan a huge screen feature.

They are cheaper than TV

The average 4K TV will set you back a few hundred quid, but at half the price you can get seriously impressive device.

This is not a 4K display, but a copy of the 1080P is more than good enough - especially if it is about a 20-inch mark.

It's just a higher resolution displays that really matter.

No more blur and shadows

There is nothing worse than uncertainty unwanted - but many of the TVs are still struggling to cope with the fast-paced.

Screen response times by leaps and bounds, and this means providing images and fast-moving shifts smoothly without smearing or ghosting.

Reducing the input lag

Input lag is the delay, press a button and see the reaction of the game on the screen - television and hopeless to stop it.

Monitors were the games designed from the ground up to combat input lag - which allows you to restore vital milliseconds.

It's time to dust off the old screen ...