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Season 2 trip FIFA 18 bigger and better

What story?

The FIFA 18 will have to "trip" popular this year, a new season. The decision to make a FIFA 17 trip also became a great console sales hit game best-selling of the 2016 FIFA 17 has also become the best game in the world of electronic arts all the time.

Building on the success of FIFA 17, which is a good relationship by introducing a series of trips, the publisher decided to offer a new and improved version of game mode.


Journey is a game mode where we can guide the player fantastically from the start of promise to international fame with the biggest clubs. Alex Hunter is the main character in a FIFA 17 tour, where the player console must result in his career from under 11s to the absolute elite of the Premier League.

Pulp thread

With a return flight scheduled with new characters and new stories, FIFA 18(FIFA 18 Coins) promises to be another must have a game console. There will be more than one Alex Hunter playing in flight 2, and for those who were bored of replaying Hunter's story, they will have the last plots to explore and have more novels in the new season .

An example of such a story would be the protagonist from the bars to be due to revive the starry for making an amazing return to his career and reach the heights of the game.

What's next?

He pondered Chief Executive Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, the bigger things and better on his way to FIFA 18 later this year: "FIFA 18 builds on the basis we made with the story mode this year, bringing players back to The Season 2 Tour, With New Characteristics and New Stories. Our Vancouver Development Team is providing innovative new experiences deep in the game this year, including the team at the end of the day, and creating the most compelling and Emotional bond with the FIFA that Ontjnaha than ever. "

Taking Writer

Game console Viva Series of Power has gone to strength with each passing year and 2018 promises to be no different. With the new and interesting story to be part of a trip to FIFA 18, there will be no shortage of people who will loose their portfolio chains on the release of the game.