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What should be classified Kilian Mbab Lutein FIFA 18

What story?

"My words he is good. Oh no no," That's what the French legend Thierry Henry says about young assassin, old Monaco, Kilian Mbab.

Kilian Mbab can only be 18 years old, but he proved himself as a rising star, it is characterized by the will of Arsene Wenger as the next Thierry Henry. Due to its form of warm red and potentially unlimited, the French became a big opportunity for a FIFA team. Erotic version has helped improve the Viva as 17, and has many FIFA fans in the prospect as well as in addition to the next game.

In case you do not know ...

Mbab already has five goals in the Champions League and 13 goals in the Ligue 1. In a time Mbab, Lionel Messi had only four matches in the Champions League but has not yet registered. Cristiano Ronaldo was offered as alternatives, while Spanish legend Raul Gonzalez has three goals in three games - still less than the total number of goals scored by the French.

Pulp thread

The Mapab FIFA 17 card has a rating of 71, but the glamor of the young attacker on the ground in recent weeks has led to an improvement in 10 points from 71 to 81. The fact that its goals come true His pace has allowed fire improvement in these two sections. The pace has jumped 81-85, and improved fire dramatically 64-80.

FIFA 18 is it should only improve. It is expected that the overall improvement of its current 81 rating (upgrade) card. Arranged can be the year 90, where he is still young and has more time to improve does not become. However, Mbab is expected to rotate 88 years, respectively, with increasing frequency and capability of the shooting range of 89 and 85. A small increase in power and endurance is also expected as it continues to prove itself as a great spit.

What's next?

Although star rating Monaco will definitely improve in FIFA 18, what is still unclear whether it will stick to the current club. The big European clubs are looking for the signing of the contracts, including Manchester United and Real Madrid.

His team helped the top of the league 1, and the semi-finals of the Champions League this season. Proving his genius Ahsaiyate, he has five goals in seven games in the Champions League with a goal average every 71.2 minutes. It will be a very difficult task for Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim to be willing at the club to spend money and updating the possible signing of this device is the goal of keeping young people as big clubs.

The authors take

Mbab certainly has the strength and strength of the attacker, he would definitely be a blessing for the team to be a Viva person. The technical capacity of Kamraogh will be attractive to players like Viva dribbling and running teams last opponent makes the game more fun. This would certainly be possible in FIFA 18(FIFA 18 Coins) after updating Ahsaiyate.