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FIFA Ultimate Team Championship themes, party takes place this Serreze weekend

Football fans, it's time to return to the virtual game of your favorite sport, like the FIFA and Tamtay Team Championship series is back!

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the second season of the series will start in Vancouver, starting April 21, and will start on Saturday, April 22nd. The event is broadcast live on ESPN2, and will also be available for streaming on channels, for those who are not near the TV. (For example, the FUTChampions.com will complete flow).

During the tournament, FIFA's best players from all corners of the world (including America) will battle for a chance to win $ 20,000, as well as a shot to advance in the world championships, which later this Take place in Berlin.

Tournament begins Friday with the best of the 32 competitors from the rest of the world bowing for a spot in the Berlin tournament. Current favorites like Joseph "Oohnogwat" Nassar and Mark "Eskuhed" Briggaski will be among the participants, telling each other with different stories from where the search for the victory of the tournament.

Next, the fight will be on Saturday, fighting the best players in the American region, including the will of Christopher "Dydikeraslito" Holly (part of the New York City decoder) and Mike "Mike Hachtag" Labelle from the United Hague between The competitors.

Aside from watching the work on ESPN2 and missed Tchambions page, fans can also listen to the feed Facebook, Official YouTube Channel and Toich, and see the best players go in the "Electronic Arts" Football simulation the most famous FIFA 17, It is not known the platform they will fight, but what is the case, you will participate in some of the best virtual football matches one can imagine.

We certainly wish all the players more happiness on their way to Berlin, fighting for the prestige and the prizes in the tournament. Of course, it is likely to stay on to a third season when FIFA begins 18, she will formulate later this year.